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    Brand Name: EcoFlowPot™

    Origin: Mainland China

    Model Numbers: G205, G206, G207, G208

    Material: Plastic (Resin)


    • Type 1: Nursery Pots
    • Type 2: Flowerpot

    Process: Injection Molding

    Usage Condition: Desktop, Combined, Floor Type

    Style: European

    Bottom Diameter: 23 cm

    Is Smart Device: No

    Used With: Flower/Green Plant

    Choice: Yes

    Semi-Choice: Yes


    1. New Materials: Made from high-quality resin material, comfortable to handle, durable, and inspired by the natural aesthetics of traditional pots.
    2. Magnet Adsorption: Features a unique magnetic adsorption mechanism that allows the inner basket to securely attach when placed, facilitating easy, one-handed operation.
    3. Independent Design: The pot's upper and lower basin are independently designed, making cleaning more convenient.
    4. Transparent Base: Allows clear visibility to monitor the water level, simplifying plant maintenance.
    5. Style Options: Available in four different styles to cater to varying preferences and match different home decor themes.

    Functional Benefits:

    • Self-Watering: Equipped with a cotton rope for automatic suction, this planter ensures adequate water supply, saving time and reducing water use.
    • Breathable and Durable: The design promotes air circulation, reduces the risk of root rot, and is built to last.
    • Versatile Use: Suitable for a range of settings, including offices, hotels, home decor, shopping malls, greening projects, home gardens, balcony gardens, and nursery productions.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 * Magnetic Flower Pot

    Product Description:

    Enhance your gardening and home decor with the JosheLive Magnetic Flower Pot. This innovative planter combines functionality with style, featuring a self-watering system and magnetic technology for ease of use. Whether placed on a desktop, combined with other pots, or set on the floor, this pot is an excellent choice for growing flowers and green plants in various environments.


    • Please consider slight variations in color and size due to the manufacturing process and monitor settings.
    • The flower pot does not include plants.