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    Product Specifications:

    • Brand Name: EcoWipe™
    • Origin: Mainland China
    • Material: Pine Wood
    • Usage: Dish, specifically for leaf cleaning
    • Style: Handheld
    • Function: Leaf Cleaning Brush

    Product Features:

    • Unique Magnetic Design: The tongs feature a unique design with magnets that allow them to be separated, facilitating easy cleaning of large leaves without damage.
    • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from wear-resistant, high-quality pine wood, these tongs are durable, safe, odorless, and environmentally friendly.
    • Soft Tips: Equipped with soft tips to ensure gentle handling that keeps your plants looking their best without any harm.
    • Long Handle with Dual Brush Heads: Designed with a long handle and dual brush heads to effectively reach every corner, removing dust and reviving the appearance of dull leaves.
    • Efficient and Effortless Cleaning: The double-sided design of the leaf-shaped cleaning tongs doubles the cleaning efficiency, allowing you to reach and clean difficult corners quickly and effortlessly.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for maintaining both real and artificial leaves, ensuring your plants and your space remain healthy and clean. Lightweight and compact, these tongs are easy to store and use on a daily basis.

    Ideal For:

    • Plant enthusiasts and homeowners looking to maintain the health and appearance of their indoor plants.
    • Users in need of a safe, effective tool for cleaning delicate plants without causing damage.
    • Those seeking a practical, environmentally friendly solution for plant maintenance.

    Product Dimensions:

    • Weight: 60g
    • Size: Approximately 23 x 6 x 4 cm (9.06 x 2.36 x 1.57 inches)

    Packing List:

    • 1 x Plant Leaf Cleaning Tongs


    • Please be aware that due to different lighting and screen settings, the actual color of the item may differ slightly from the pictures.
    • Allow for a slight difference in product dimensions due to manual measurement.

    This product is perfect for anyone looking to keep their plants looking pristine with a practical and stylish tool specifically designed for this purpose.