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    Brand Name: FlexiClamp™

    Origin: Mainland China

    Material: Plastic

    Color: Red

    Packaging Quantity: 100 pieces per pack

    Product Description

    Enhance your home gardening with the FlexiClamp™ Plant Clamp Bending Device, expertly designed for low-stress training of flower and vine branches. These clamps allow you to gently bend and direct the growth of your plants, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure and promoting healthier growth patterns.


    • Durable Material: Made from high-quality plastic, these clamps are designed to withstand regular use without damaging your plants.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for low-stress training techniques in home gardens. Perfect for guiding the growth of vine branches and flowers to create aesthetically pleasing plant arrangements.
    • Easy to Use: Simply attach the clamp to the desired branch and gently bend to guide the plant’s growth direction.


    • Choice Feature: Allows for selective branching to encourage desired growth paths.
    • Semi-Choice Feature: Offers more subtle manipulation for delicate plants.

    Usage Instructions

    • Application: Ideal for use in home gardening for training and manipulating the branches of flowers and vines.
    • Installation: Easy to install—clip onto the branch and adjust as needed to train the plant in your desired direction.

    Packaging Details

    • Quantity: 100 clamps per package, providing ample supply for various gardening projects.


    • Measurement Accuracy: Please allow minor measurement discrepancies due to manual sizing.
    • Color Accuracy: Photo colors may vary slightly from the actual product due to differences in monitor displays.