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    Brand Name: EcoSeedStart™

    Type: Nursery Pots

    Origin: Mainland China

    Material: Plastic

    Color: Green

    Shape: Rectangle


    • Tray Size: 18.5 x 14.5 x 11 cm (7.28 x 5.70 x 4.33 inches)
    • Hole Size: 5.5 cm (2.16 inches)

    Usage: Indoor and Outdoor

    Applicable Plant Types: Bonsai, Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, Trees

    Product Features:

    1. Perfect Applicability: Ideal for sowing a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables (like cabbage and lettuce), peppers, fruits, and trees, supporting agricultural planting effectively.

    2. Efficient Heat Transfer: Features a base tray that provides gentle warmth and balanced levels for the plant bed, enhancing seed germination, root growth, and plant development.

    3. Optimal Drainage: Equipped with drainage holes at the bottom of each planting hole to ensure proper drainage, reducing root oversaturation and promoting healthier plant growth.

    4. Visibility and Control: Comes with a clear dome cover that helps retain moisture and heat, allowing you to monitor the seedlings' growth easily while reducing water evaporation.

    5. Sturdy and Easy Handling: The drip tray base has rolled edges on top for added durability and ease of handling. The design also prevents the planting holes from sitting in water, enhancing drainage and aeration.

    6. Multi-Use Design: Suitable for use with cloning/rooting compounds, peat pots, and mesh pots. Each tray includes a dome and a base for comprehensive seed starting or cloning applications.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Grow Box (including a dome and base)


    • The Grow Box is designed to facilitate easy and effective seed starting and cloning, making it a perfect choice for both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists looking for a reliable growth solution.