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    Brand Name: EcoGrowGleam™

    Origin: Mainland China

    Certification: CE

    Model Number: NEW 2024

    Material: Aluminum

    Type: Grow Lights

    Power Source: AC

    Light Source Type: LED

    Luminous Flux: 1200 lm

    Protection Class: IP55


    • Full Spectrum LED Light: 192 LEDs emitting a spectrum from 380nm to 800nm, designed to cater to all plant growth stages.
    • Dimmable and Timer Functions: Offers 10 brightness levels and an auto timer for 3, 9, or 12 hours, ensuring optimal light cycles without manual intervention.
    • High Efficiency: Provides high PAR output which enhances photosynthesis efficiency, essential for healthy plant growth.
    • Special Features: Lightweight design with full spectrum capabilities, timer, and adjustable brightness.

    Suitable for: Various indoor plants at different growth stages, particularly small potted plants like succulents and cacti.

    Light Colors: Warm white, red, and blue to cater to different plant needs and enhance eye care.


    • Single head: 130g
    • Dual heads: 170g
    • Triple heads: 210g
    • Four heads: 250g

    Product Description

    The PAIJUKE Halo LED Grow Light is engineered for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Featuring a circular design, it fits seamlessly above your plant collection, providing essential light that mimics natural sunlight. This grow light is ideal for small spaces, including shelves and cabinets, due to its compact and versatile design.

    Key Features

    • Space-Saving Design: Only 3.54 inches in diameter and 0.55 inches thick, perfect for tight spaces.
    • Adjustable Settings: Easily customize light intensity to match your plant's lifecycle.
    • Automatic Lighting Cycles: Set it and forget it with automatic on/off functionality.
    • Easy Installation: Mounts with double-sided tape, included for quick setup.

    Installation & Maintenance

    • Installation: Simple setup using double-sided tape allows for placement almost anywhere.
    • Maintenance: Minimal maintenance required; occasionally dust off the light to maintain optimal performance.

    Package Includes

    • 1 x PAIJUKE Halo LED Grow Light
    • Installation Accessories (Double-Sided Tape)