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    rand Name: EcoReelPro™

    Origin: US

    Material: Heavy-duty polypropylene

    Color: Dark Grey

    Item Dimensions: 19.49 x 15.94 x 9.84 inches

    Item Weight: 20 ounces

    Installation Type: Wall Mount

    Operation Mode: Automatic

    Hose Length: 78 ft

    Hose Diameter: 1/2 inch

    Connect Type: 3/4 in. GHT

    Product Features:

    • Metal Bracket: Upgraded high-quality metal bracket for enhanced durability and stability.
    • Lock at Any Length: Features a unique locking ratchet allowing the hose to be locked at any desired length, providing versatility for garden coverage.
    • Automatic Slow Rewind System: Ensures the hose retracts smoothly without tangling or kinking, saving time and increasing the lifespan of the hose.
    • 9 Adjustable Spray Modes: Includes a nozzle with multiple settings: Center, Mist, Flat, Soaker, Cone, Rinse, Shower, Angle, Vertical.
    • 180° Swivel Bracket: Offers a full 180-degree rotation, allowing complete coverage of your garden.
    • Easy-to-Grip Handle: Large handle for easy lifting and maneuvering.
    • All-Weather Hose: Flexible and abrasion-resistant, capable of withstanding pressures up to 200 PSI and burst pressures up to 600 PSI.

    Installation and Maintenance:

    • Easy Assembly & Disassembly: Can be mounted on the wall with a 180-degree rotation bracket and a few screws. Features a quick-release system for easy removal for winter storage.
    • Drill Requirements: For installation, use a 7/16'' or 3/8'' drill bit for walls and 5/16'' for wooden posts, drilling to a depth of 1.96 inches.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 Retractable Hose Reel
    • 1 Nozzle
    • 1 Lead-in Hose
    • 1 Mounting Bracket
    • 4 Anchor Kits


    • This hose reel is not suitable for extremely hard branches, such as those of jujube trees or walnut trees.
    • Keep away from children to avoid accidents.

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